15 Nov Your homes wireless router is at risk!

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Do not take your wireless security for granted! Your homes wireless router is the device which connects your entire home to the outside world.  These devices are also used to connect all your TVs, computers, printers, thermostats, garage doors, lighting, video surveillance, cell phones, tablets to the outside world.  While connecting all your devices gives […]

01 Aug HP DV series

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What Kills HP DV series laptops? The number one issue with DV Series is: Blank or No Video displayed. The number two issue is: (tied) No Wi-fi or Continuous rebooting After repairing a number of HP DV Series laptops. I wanted to isolate the problem and make it easier for me to fix, and have […]

08 Sep The High Cost of Free Antiviruses

Keeping your computer secure these days is becoming expensive as more and more viruses and malware are being created by more and more people to mine your personal information and compromise your machine. For most people money is hard to come by these days, so the initial thought to opt for a free antivirus can […]

19 Jun The ABCD’s of laptops

When you purchase a new laptop, you get all kinds of neat things within the box. However, the one thing that is missing from every box is a guide to basic laptop care. Without observing basic care for a laptop, it can sustain severe, even irreparable damage. Check out our tips to keep your laptop running at […]