15 Nov Your homes wireless router is at risk!

Do not take your wireless security for granted!wireless-router-benefits

Your homes wireless router is the device which connects your entire home to the outside world.  These devices are also used to connect all your TVs, computers, printers, thermostats, garage
doors, lighting, video surveillance, cell phones, tablets to the outside world.  While connecting all your devices gives you great benefits it also has great risk.  As we continue to move into an ever-more-connected age, we do not realize that we could expose our families personal data to the outside world.  Security updates for your wireless routers are made to protect the consumers from these risks.  Every day updates come out for routers and the general public do not upgrade because they do not understand the risk.  By ignoring the updates that the manufacturers put out your home is vulnerable for someone to gain access to your homes electronics  A.K.A Hacking.  Ignoring security update and not protecting your router is the same as leaving your home unlocked with the door open.  Even new routers on the shelf in many box stores are shipped with old firmware and security vulnerabilities.  The wall street journal posted an article about “Rarley patched software bugs in home routers cripple security

Below is a quote from that article.

“In late 2014, a small Massachusetts software company got an ominous email: A computer-security researcher said a flaw in one of its programs put millions world-wide at risk of being hacked.

Engineers at the company, Allegro Software Development Corp., analyzed the flaw in the program, which can help users access the controls of home Internet routers. They quickly realized something strange: They had fixed this bug nearly 10 years earlier. But it lived on, even in new devices.

The reason: A component maker had included the 2002 version of Allegro’s software with its chipset and hadn’t updated it. Router makers used those chips in more than 10 million devices. The router makers said they didn’t know a later version of Allegro’s software fixed the bug.

The chain can break at many points: Patches aren’t distributed. Users aren’t alerted or neglect to apply the patch. Hackers exploit any weak link.

In the case of the routers, Allegro said it couldn’t apply the patch, because it doesn’t have access to the devices. The company urges manufacturers to use the latest version of its software but can’t require them to do so. “Nobody does that,” said Loren Shade, vice president of marketing. “We’ve thought about it, but it’s kind of hard to enforce.””  

Besides security why should I upgrade?

Routers are the oft-ignored work horses of the home network. Most people hardly pay any attention to them unless there is a big malfunction, and people may not consider upgrading them any wireless-routersmore than they consider upgrading their washing machine.

Unfortunately, this leads to a situation where the important-but-ignored router ends up being a source of degraded internet connection quality and a diminished user experience for everyone on your network. Upgrading to a current generation router is a cheap and effective way to improve your home network in every way: better Wi-Fi range, stronger signal, and better handling of demands modern users put on their network. The last thing you want in the age of Netflix is a router design from the days when Netflix was synonymous with DVD rentals.

How do I fix this?

Eureka Computer Solutions would be happy to assist you in upgrading your existing wireless router or even replacing your wireless router if has been a few years.  We have several ways to assist you in securing your home so that you may protect your family.  For more information on wireless security you can stop in our office located at 312 N Central Eureka MO 63025. Or you could call for an appointment today.  636-549-3737

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