08 Sep The High Cost of Free Antiviruses

Keeping your computer secure these days is becoming expensive as more and more viruses and malware are being created by more and more people to mine your personal information and compromise your machine. For most people money is hard to come by these days, so the initial thought to opt for a free antivirus can seem like a convenience. Along with free protection you’re downloading, you get other software bundled along with the it. Again, this may seem like a convenience, but the motives behind packaging free software together aren’t as well-intentioned as it would appear.
Writing software takes time, something programmers don’t have enough of to code for free. Without a financial incentive to spend the many hours it takes to develop an effective antivirus and keep it updated, consequently, the programmer would feel no need to make it so because his time and efforts are just a voluntary contribution. Software companies reach out to programmers and pay them to make ineffective free antiviruses so that their programs, typically bundled with other free programs downloadable from google searches, are able to be installed on computers with lackluster protection and free to run their course – collecting your data and personal information while using your machine’s resources. This is how computers can get bogged down and run slowly, and how your information gets stored in other places without your knowledge or consent. While operating under a disguised humanistic umbrella, developers of free antiviruses are actually doing quite the opposite in return, just as other con artists do – making you the product being sold. The companies paying the programmers to make their software vulnerable to malware and viruses are, through proxy means, buying you.
To compound on this, some free antiviruses will run a scan when prompted to and return a plethora of different “infections”. Then you will be asked to pay a fee to fix these infections, and you will have effectively done the very same thing as paying for an actual antivirus but without getting the legitimate protection that comes with them. Instead, you are forced to pay money to a scammer seeking victims. The malware and viruses that can compromise the efficiency of your machine can wind up costing you far more money in virus removals and repairs than the monthly or yearly fees for legitimate antivirus programs who have the budgets to pay employees to work for them and maintain up to date fixes for newer threats that are always being coded.

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