You would not allow a stranger to roam freely in your house, right? When you allow someone you have never seen, usually from another country, to remotely access your computer, that is precisely what you are doing. And it is likely that you won’t know what they are doing in the background. With ECS, you are welcome to stop by and talk face-to-face with the person that will be accessing your computer. Our employees are trustworthy and reliable.

When you see software and services advertised on television, consider the source. The advertisement will either direct you to call someone or send you to a website and download something. These things are never free, and are often so loaded with hidden fees that you not only end up paying entirely too much for a minor service, but you are often left with horribly bloated software on your computer that runs in the background, not only eating up your computer’s valuable resources, but also it could leave what’s referred to as a “back door” for any unscrupulous company employee to log in to your computer as they wish.

In the case of remote support, you are going on the word of the person on the other line that they are competent, but that is not always the case. To illustrate, I will share with you how one of our customers got rooked by a popular remote support company based out of India:

A woman called and asked if we can install a hard drive on her computer. Being mindful of customers’ time and money, I asked what lead her to believe that she needed a new hard drive. She told me that a fellow in India who worked for a remote support company that she called had told her that she needed one. Digging a little bit deeper, she explained that she had initially called them (and paid for three years’ worth of “support”) because her printer was missing lines in her printing. That had not a thing to do with her hard drive, and everything to do with her printer. We told her that that was likely a print head problem, and after going through the automated cleaning procedure, we determined she needed a new printer, at a much lower price than the cost of a hard drive that would have left her with the same initial problem!

In the computer repair world, anyone can claim to be an expert. At Eureka Computer Solutions, we can prove it by not only our certifications and our length of time in business, but by being able to competently answer your technical questions.