Computer Repair, Eureka, MO

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Hardware, software, or unaware... we can help!


About Us

Eureka Computer Solutions provides computer repair and service for your home and office equipment. Located in Eureka Missouri, Eureka Computer Solutions will work one on one with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on having fast, friendly, and honest computer technicians who are fully trained and qualified. We are a locally owned, family run business with over 20 years of combined experience in computer repairs.


Home & Business

We are a small business, and we understand the intricacies of running one. Minimizing downtime is important, and every business has its own special set of needs. Let us be your IT department!

Home users are our base clients, and you can rest assured that we are going to be familiar with any configuration you bring in. From basic web surfing to high-end gaming rigs, we can fix it!



We primarily repair computers, both desktops and laptops. From virus removal to hardware replacement, we can do anything needed to repair your computer. We also offer remote and onsite repair. We offer network and internet connection setup, as well as making your networked computers work together to share data and printing.


Don't be fooled

You would not allow a stranger to roam freely in your house, right? When you allow someone you have never seen, usually from another country, to remotely access your computer, that is precisely what you are doing. And it is likely that you won't know what they are doing in the background. With ECS, you are welcome to stop by and talk face-to-face with the person that will be accessing your computer. Our employees are trustworthy and reliable.

We offer remote support! Click the button to download our remote tool.